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 Imagine a sports stadium or a race-track with many thousands of fans, or the roads of a cycling classic with thousands of spectators by the roadside. Well now you can now communicate very easily with all these people and to let them participate in online games and competitions.


We have several types of games ready to go : a quiz, a prediction game, a poll, an elimination game,... The possibilities are numerous and the number of players is virtually unlimited.


People play using their smartphones and get into the game by following a link or scanning a QR-code. There's not even the need to install an app.


Depending on the situation we can work with or without a central screen. In a football stadium e.g. we can use the stadiumscreens, but in a cycling race this will probably not be possible, which means that all communications will go via the smartphone. 


For the creation of these games we use a "toolbox" which allows very short production times. All games can be modified easily by changing a number of parameters. And sometimes different types of games can be combined in one competition.


And of course all our games can be fully personalized by integrating logos, graphics, backgrounds and sounds.