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EventBlox is our Toolbox-system for online events and online support for real life events. It can also be used in many types of TV-programs.


Participants play by use of a smartphone, tablet or PC. To get into the game they just need to follow a link or scan a QR-code. There's not even the need to install an app.


Smart Event is based upon the use of 3 elements : a control panel, a central screen and the smartphones (tablets, laptops) of the participants.


- The control panel is the computer from which the event is controlled


- The central screen is a "big screen" that centralizes the action. It can be the screen on the stage of an event, the ledscreens in a sports stadium, the TV-sets in the homes of the participants or just a TV on a support. Our system provides the HD video content for this screen.


For certain types of events where there's no central screen available we can work with the participants' smartphones only.


- The participants' smartphones or tablets can be their own but if required Animotion can supply these as well.


The maximum number of players is virtually unlimited but for a number of activities there's, due to the nature of the activities, a minimum and/or maximum to the number of players.


EventBlox is a toolbox-system with a number of tools or activities. A tool can be for example : a quiz, a poll, a wheel of luck game, a stopwatch, a fingersports game, a prediction game, a stopwatch, a leaderboard, etc. At the moment some 20 different modules are available and new ones are being created.


Every tool can be controlled in a separate module. In this module the parameters, the content and the design of the activity can be controlled. For example : for a quiz you can select the type of questions, if it's a multiple choice quiz you can select any number of questions and the number of possible answers given to select from. You can indicate how many points you want to give for a correct answer and how many points a player can lose for a bad answer. You can also input visual material that goes with the questions and program what the quiz will look and sound like : the colors, the fonts, the backgrounds, branding, the sound effects for a correct or a bad answer, etc. All these parameters, content and design can be controlled in minutes.


An online event can be designed with one type of "tool" (e.g. a quiz) but can also be build up with several types of tools and activities that follow each other.


The system also supports the integration of applications like YouTube, Skype, Twitch and Zoom. This is very useful in many applications, espacially for team-buidling events.


If needed multi-lingual events can be created, so that the participants can select the language in which they want to participate.


EventBlox can be used in many ways for many types of events. Our other products "Smart Meeting", "Smart TV", "Smart Crowd" and "AppyQ" are all nothing but different applications of the same system. New tools are on the way all the time or can be designed for you.


Please contact us directly for detailed info.