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In "Online cycling events" the participants use their own bikes and virtual trainers and ride from various locations that can be spread all over the world. Many thousands of players can be connected with using their smartphone, tablet or laptop. 


Animotion does not only produce custom routes for these events, but also organises complete events. These can be races, but also non competitive trips for training, recreation, education or promotion.


To produce the cycling routes Animotion uses, depending on the needs of every specific project, technologies as HD video recording, VR-recording, augmented reality (AR), algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). This results in amazing and realistic environments.


A graphic layer is used to provide all relevant data : time, distance, speed, heartrate, cadance (RPM), rankings, etc. And of course also branding can be integrated here.


For live TV-broadcasts or live stream we can set up races with many camera-positions and graphic options, needed to supply the control room with the necessary video and graphic material to produce the broadcast.


An extra level of interaction can be added in live TV-broadcasts. This is not the interaction with the participants on their bikes, but the interaction with the spectators who can join in live applications like prediction games, a quiz, a poll or other applications.


Animotion has extremely good contacts with the cycling world and can provide many champions or ex-champions as competitors in the race or companions for a trip.


Please do not hesitate to contact us and to talk about  the project you might have in mind!