Animotion goes for sporty, interactive and online attractions : why ?


Sporty :

Simply because physical activities and sports make our bodies and minds healthier and because there’s a competitive spirit living in each one of us.


Interactive :

Because it’s only by interactivity that we can be happy or have fun. Interactivity makes us exist. Interactivity between people and interactivity between people and technology.


Online :

Online because television, internet and social media have turned the world into our village. The online channels have become a basic way to interact with our family, friends, colleagues and the rest of the world.



The Animotion triangle : inter-active, inter people, active people.


Sporty and phygital games and events are our first channels we use to realize this vision : 


"Activate and connect the world by sports !"


For anyone who organizes events Animotion wants to be a prime supplier of sporty, interactive and online attractions that create a great experience for the participants.


We want to do this not only by delivering a perfect service at correct prices, but also by offering the most recent and innovative products available on the market and by developing attractions ourselves.


Our product-range is unique and includes dozens of attractions going from high-end sports- and race-simulators, speed and agility games, laser-games and virtual reality systems to classic arcades, gaming consoles and pinball machines. 


Animotion focuses on events and our services are used at nearly any type of events : major sport events (Olympic Games, EC and World Cup Football, F1, Tour de France,…), corporate events, public events, road-shows, exhibitions, teambuilding,…. Also in the field of online and hybrid events and esports we want to be leader.


To accelerate production times and to reduce costs for our clients Animotion has a high quality in-house service for the branding of our attractions


Animotion was founded in 1995 and operates worldwide from the head-office in Belgium, with an office in Paris for the French market and a sales agent in Geneva, Switzerland.



Member of the Agoria Sports & Entertainment Technology Club.